Bridgette is the Founder and Strategy Facilitator for Pen to Paper Vision Strategy Workshops and Conference. She is passionate about seeing individuals , business owners, and ministry leaders clarify their vision, get the vision on paper and maximize their purpose.


Pen to Paper was birthed out of my own necessity to determine how I would proceed with my purpose. In an effort to determine proceeding with my purpose, I took the initiative to write down what it was that was given to me in my spirit for my life, my business, my ministry, and my career as a Strategy Management Consultant. When I begin to write, I wrote in much detail all that I desired to do and the vision that was so very vivid for me inwardly. I was led to package my passion. For me, I knew what my passion was and how I was driven by it.


Pen to Paper is about determining what your inner vision is and placing that on paper. It means writing all the details about what you want to see, how you would like to see it done, and where you want to go with the vision. I found this process to be very therapeutic and cathartic; it really helped me to birth some things that I didn't know where there had I not taken the process of putting “Pen to Paper”. As a result, I was moved to offer this same opportunity to others. Given my awesome experience, Pen to Paper was born in March of 2017. 

The first workshop was held in Arlington, TX in May of 2017. To my amazement, it has been an absolute success and indeed a blessing to all who have experienced it so far. I have met people across the country who struggle with knowing what their purpose is and understanding their vision. Knowing your purpose and passion is linked to your vision but it is also tied to your destiny.


After founding “Pen to Paper Vision Strategy Workshop” in 2017, I decided to also do a conference with the vision of making it an annual event. The first annual “Pen to Paper Vision Strategy Conference” was held in Texarkana, Texas in November of 2017 and was an awesome success.  People attended this conference from across the country from cities such as Denver, Colorado; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Nashville, Tennessee; Las Vegas Nevada, and the list goes on.  People found a true sense of reconnecting with themselves and learning how to identify with what their passion and understanding their purpose and why they exist.

Think it!

Ink it!

When a vision, a dream, or a goal is placed on paper it brings life to it. if you think about it, you should write about it!!!